- Nomad Events With Smithsonian Events on Live Events in the era of COVID19 -

Nomad Event Systems is a live-event audio/visual provider of all things technical and has been serving the Washington DC area for over twenty years.  As we all pivot to the virtual world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nomad can assist with reshaping and executing this new type of event.  Here is a recording of a meeting between Nomad and staff of the Smithsonian Institution, as we explore options for how an event can be structured and presented.  Featuring Matt Fisher and Guy Werner from Nomad Events, questions are fielded about video conferencing platforms, web presentation options and general workflow.  This is the actual livestream that viewers at home would watch, if this was a public event.  Typically calls between participants would be organized prior to the event, and some cameras are disabled on some of our participants, so please excuse the black squares in the grid Multiview.  Recorded on May 7th, 2020.